The Project

The ALGA4FOOD project - «Algae in Gastronomy - Development of innovative conservation and utilization techniques», aims to disseminate and value the benefits of the edible macroalgae of the Portuguese coast.

Our team is committed to transfer the scientific knowledge for the benefit of algae,
as well as raising awareness in society about the benefits of
its consumption.
The art of cooking Seaweeds

The prefix «phico-» derives from the Greek «phýkos» (φύκος), which means seaweed, and «gastronomy», which refers to the «study of the laws of the stomach». Thus, we can concluded that «ficogastronomy» is the art of preparing and cooking seaweed in the most appropriate way, i.e. taking advantage of its nutritional and organoleptic properties.

It is estimated that there are between thirthy thousand and 1 million species of seweed in the world, however, only a small portion of these are edible (ca. 200), of which 145 are used directly in culinary preparations.

We are committed to the dissemination of Portuguese seaweed and its use as food.


Departamento de Química

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

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